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Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 2

In our desire to help businesses on their first steps in Facebook we’ve already created Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 1. Today we are going to continue. Here it is – the second part.


If you are going to create event you should know it is hard to tell everybody in the world about. After you’ve created one, Facebook system allows you just to invite your friends, not even Page Fans! The event may get on the roll just in case it is really interesting, so that friends will invite friends and so on. It is the good method for manifestation to gather.

Landing pages

This is an additional feature of Facebook company pages. See Mozilla Firefox and TripAdvisor landing page for understanding. Landing is a page which you see at your first visit to the page and which tell you the reason you should “like” it. It is not necessarily to create one, but it may increase the level of your fans however.


Probably the most intriguing part for biz members. Creating company page is just a beginning, but how to make people know about? How to get thousands active fans? This is what you can do:

  • Ask friends, family to like and share information about your newborn Page (this is the secret we’ve mentioned – as many friends you have, as many potential fans you may get). If you have base with your existing clients contacts, e-mail them and ask to like the Page (probably for the reward).
  • Use content for self-advertising. Pay attention to what you post so it may trigger emotions in people and they will share. Note, content and sharing are the main terms of web 2.0.
  • Send messages in Facebook. Find people that have the same interests as your company and message them personally. Sounds great, but actually it is a hard and very consuming process.
  • Mention or post on related group/pages wall. Those actions both cause appearance of your post on group/pages wall, so it will also appear in pages fans news feed and group members will get notifications. Be aware of spamming or just posting “visit our page”. Post MUST be informative! In other way, it could be just deleted by admins.
  • Add link to FB on website, e-mail, newsletter
  • Pay for FB PPC ads
  • Use offline advertising



Finally don’t forget to analyze everything you do. Something what is good for other may be not so for you. We suggest you to monitor 4 things:

  • Posts which interact fans the best and worst
  • Interaction rate – it is indicator of your fans activity. Keep it at least over 25%-30%, the higher is better.
  • Insights – you may find this button at the right column on your Page. It will show you statistic of posts popularity, fans activity and more for specified period of time.
  • Google Analytics – use this tool to analyze traffic which your site gets from Facebook posts.


In conclusion take a look at some great examples of effective brand presentence in Facebook. We include Pampers and Coca-Cola Facebook Page to the list. But the most striking Facebook campaign ever refers not to a huge brand, but to a small village! Just read and like if you really do).

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