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Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 1

You may find a plenty of information dedicated to social media presentence of your company. They will teach you basic principles of how to follow up your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, just a few of them will provide you step-by-step guide in social networks world. It’s like telling a child “go!” without showing how. So if you are already familiar with basics of Social Media Marketing, here is first part of our guide of what to do if you have decided to move your brand to Facebook.

Sign up as a person

Facebook doesn’t allow brands and companies to create user profiles any more. Companies have two ways – create Brand Page or Group to communicate with customers here. But just a real person may set up those brand profiles. So if you are still not in Facebook – sign up and try to get as many friends as possible (we will open the secret later).

Page or Group

This is the time to decide how your company will look and interact in Facebook, as Page or as Group. Companies usually choose Pages. This is example of Toronto Raptors Facebook Page and MARKETING Professional Group.

Users like Pages and Join Groups. Page fan will see Page updates on their News feed, Group members will get notifications about Group updates. You may suggest Page to your friends and they to their, Group members may add each other to group, although anyone could leave it. Group members are able to communicate in a common chat, Page fans may communicate just through Page wall posts.

Typically Groups are used for small communities, especially closed with a limited number of members. They could discuss hot topics or even share documents. But it is hard to attract thousands members to group. For that purpose you would better create Company page. To do this visit any Company page and click on  ”Create a Page” button at the top right.


Creating Profile is not a hard task, just follow Facebook instructions – they will lead you by the hand through all stages up to the last. Choose the category, add business name, location and contact information. On the next step you should upload the photo – try to make it impressive which could attract you potential fans and will be relevant to their fields of interests. It is good practice to add phone number or URL address exactly to the image.


Posts are the main thing in Facebook. People communicate mostly through each other’s status, photo, video or events updates. Someone calls Facebook the emotional network, cause people like, comment and share just interesting content which impress them. People also want companies to post informative and enthusiastic updates. So post photos, videos and links that will involve your customers in interaction. Question is also a good way to speak, but don’t be too formal – people mostly go to Facebook to relax. Avoid long text messages without pictures – they are simply boring.

Your fans or their connections could comment on your Facebook posts or simply like them. Facebook also allow you to mention other people, pages or groups in your post – type @name and choose from the pop-up menu those you would like to mention. These people, pages or groups will get notification about.

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